Willow Pillow Gift Voucher


You can offer a Willow Pillow Gift Voucher to your friend or family member and by this way you give him/her the possibility of choosing the product(s).


Simply choose the amount !


Willow Pillow as a range of 15€, 25€, 50€ and 100€ vouchers.



  • After purchasing the voucher of the amount(s) wanted you will be contacted by Willow Pillow staff in order to send you by e-mail the validated voucher, since the specimens bought on-line are not sequenced number validated. Only a validated voucher can be used to acquire products Willow Pillow.
  • To use a valid voucher an e-mail must be sent to store@willow-pillow.com with the number of validation and the information of the product (s) desired.
  • The shipping costs will be supported by the user of the Gift Voucher.
  • If the value of the purchase (including shipping costs) exceeds the value of the voucher an additional payment must be made by bank transfer (account details will be informed)
  • If the voucher is not fully used a new voucher for the difference will be issued and send to you with a differente validation reference.
  • Willow Pillow Gift Vouchers are not refundable (total or partly).
  • Validity of vouchers Pillow Willow Gift Vouchers - 2 years

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